18 May 2012


As you may have noticed, I've been fixating a bit on The Like lately. Their 2010 album Release Me, has been an almost permanent fixture on both turntable and iPod alike over the past couple weeks, and every time I listen to it, I lament the fact the world didn't appreciate them enough. That record is something of a minor masterpiece in my opinion – so many great songs about the trials and tribulations of adolescent love, all filtered through through the rosy lens of classic '60s songwriting values. I was talking to Sina Grace – also a fan, and perhaps not coincidentally, friends with a couple of the girls in the band – about Release Me recently, and despite the fact he's in his 20s and I'm in my 40s, we both respond to the songs in very much the same way. That's probably because we – like untold others – have lived through the situations laid out in these songs. I mean, listen to "Walk of Shame" or "Release Me" and tell me you haven't been there.

The Like looked fantastic, too, and none of them more so than keyboard player Annie Monroe. Of course, that may be because there's simply more of her too look at: She has done a fair share of modeling work, and most of the above images were taken by her boyfriend, photographer James D. Kelly. Annie's personal style is such that these photos could easily be mistaken for snapshots from the '60s, and Kelly has a real knack for presenting Annie as something of the quintessential Mod goddess. That she isn't more well-known is a genuine mystery to me, and the fact that alongside the equally stylish and photogenic Z Berg, Tennesse Thomas and Laena Geronimo The Like didn't take the world by storm whilst lesser talents have gone on to international fame and fortune is nothing short of confounding.