14 February 2011


There's a place I go that has Al Green's greatest hits on the jukebox, and sometimes the 10 songs from that record get played so often, you'd think it was the only album in there. It's not hard to guess why, though: Everyone loves Al Green. I think it's a testament to the power of his music that a bunch of songs that were hits in the early '70s are still so widely appreciated today, by people of all ages, all walks of life. Part of that's down to his incredible voice, but really, I think the main thing is that so many of his songs are about love. Wanting love, being in love, losing the one you love, you name it, Al Green sang about it and from around 1971-73, nobody did it better.

So, since it's Valentine's Day, I figured I'd do a quick rundown my top 10 favorite love songs by Reverend Al...

1. "You Ought to Be With Me," (Call Me, 1973)
2. "Here I Am (Come and Take Me)," (Call Me, 1973)
3. "Simply Beautiful," (I'm Still in Love With You, 1972)
4. "Driving Wheel," (Al Green Gets Next to You, 1971)
5. "I'm Glad You're Mine," (I'm Still in Love With You, 1972)
6. "I'm Still in Love With You," (I'm Still in Love With You, 1972)
7. "Let's Get Married," (Livin' for You, 1973)
8. "Let's Stay Together," (Let's Stay Together, 1972)
9. "L-O-V-E," (Al Green is Love, 1975)
10. "Keep on Pushing Love," (Don't Look Back, 1993)

And a few videos from an appearance on the Jonathan Ross show last summer, as well, with no less than Dave Gilmour on guitar and Jools Holland on piano for a performance of "Let's Stay Together."